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The Holley Family Village

Creating new worlds for Children and Adults with Deafness, Hearing and Vision Loss

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ASL Week


 Sunday, July 26 - Friday, July 31, 2015


Program Director: Bonnie McIntire


Program Fee: $400


What is American Sign Language (ASL)? Some would say that it is a language of the Deaf. Some would say that it is a language of a community, which consists of diverse deaf and hearing people. Numerous people in America and Canada enjoy communicating in American Sign Language, just like many others who also enjoy communicating in English and other spoken languages.

ASL Week offers adults an opportunity to keep improving their ASL skills. The week includes three different levels of instruction: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. (Beginning level students must complete a basic ASL course prior to coming to the program.) Topics will include ASL vocabulary, receptive and expressive skills, fingerspelling, use of classifiers, referencing, verbs, and insights on linguistics and Deaf culture.


Please come prepared to remain silent from Sunday to Friday, using ASL to communicate in class sessions and at meals. Breaks for swimming, sailing, hiking, evening sign games and skits round out the five hours of class time per day.