Creating New Worlds for Children and Adults with Deafness, Hearing and Vision Loss
The Holley Institute, founded in 1993, is devoted to serving the Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and Hard  of Hearing.

The Institute is closely affiliated with St. John Hospital & Medical Center and has two facilities. The Center for Communication Excellence located in St. John Hospital & Medical Center serves as the hub for the Institute. It is here that we screen all newborns for hearing loss, set up ASL classes in all of St. John/Providence hospitals, and advocate for the Deaf, in particular our Deaf patients. During the winter and spring months our Program Director organizes all summer programs here at the Center.

The Carls Family Village is our other facility. It is here that we carry out all of our summer programs and take rental requests for the building outside of our programs.

About Us

The Holley Institute owns and operates The Carls Family Village at De Sales Center which has offered educational and recreational programs for the Deaf, Deaf-Blind and hard of hearing since 1996.

Programs for the Deaf

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The Carls Family Village
1142 Ventura Drive
Brooklyn, Michigan 49230-9078
517-592-6283 (Voice)
517-536-1518 (VP)

For Summer Program Information:
Contact Lexy Craig -

Located in the Beautiful Irish Hills of Michigan

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